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Chapter 2 - It's Not Because I Like You

Messener didn’t trust the half-giant. Their race had always been looked down upon by the elves as brutish monsters, filled with blood-lust. However, he knew he shouldn’t travel down into the jungle by himself, and his only other option was the Dryad Ranger. He didn’t exactly feel comfortable taking a member of the village that was holding him prisoner along as his only companion. Thus it was by necessity that he was joined by Lothar.

Messener looked the beast up and down, taking in his full size. "You're a big one, aren't you?" he quipped.

"I am large," the half-giant responded, without showing any emotion. Messener tried to read the expression on his face. It was almost as if this, this thing didn't understand him, that it thought what people said was exactly what they meant, nothing more.

"I'm heading out into the wilderness you have any interest in joining me?"

"I was about to head out myself. These dryads have nothing but contempt for me. Like everyone else in this world..."

Messener felt almost bad about the half-giant's last comment. This monstrosity appeared to have feelings, but Messener still felt contempt himself. He was wondering what to say, when it continued.

"...I will go with you. I am traveling, looking for a new home. I am handy with a sword and shield, and would like to help you. My name is Lothar."

"Good..." Messener was happy that he now had a meat-shield to protect him, and knew that this beast would rush into combat without thinking, but he was still hesitant about travelling with a half-giant. Could he trust it wouldn't turn on him? "Mine's Messener. In case you hadn't noticed the glowing ring around my neck, I'm currently a prisoner here. As a result, I won't really be able to help you travel to a new home...yet. However, they have promised to release me if I complete a few tasks. You help me with those tasks, and then perhaps we can go search for your new home."

"That sounds fair enough."

"Okay..." Messener was already getting sick of Lothar. His responses were so short, his manner like that of a child. Or a slave. "We will have to fight Morden, are you okay with this?"

"I am a mercenary. I have no sides. I will fight whomever needs to be fought."

"Yes, a mercenary. Well, like I said, I'm a prisoner, I can offer you no payment..." Messener feared he would lose his companion at this point.

"No payment is necessary. We shall loot the corpses of those who stand in our way. That, combined with travelling away from this place, will be payment enough."

"Okay, good. I have been granted a small amount of access to the town. I would like to look around, gather a little information before heading out into the wild, and get a real feel for these dryads. I will join you by the gate of the city shortly."

"I will come with you...I have no restraints on my travels in the city."

Great thought Messener. He had hoped to get away from this beast for a while, to savor his last moments of freedom before traveling with the detestable thug. Instead it seems it had already latched onto his side. He had also hoped to get a better look at the so-called Machine. From what he had seen so far, it seemed the Machine encompassed the city itself. The city worked for the Machine, not the other way around. There was something greater at play here, but he didn't know what. Unfortunately, this monster that insisted on tagging along was not the stealthiest creature. Its loud footsteps could be heard a mile away. He knew he would not be able to do any private investigating. The dryads' eyes would be on him at all times.

"Ok," he said. "Follow me."
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