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Messener, the last Azunite

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This is a Dungeon Siege II fan fiction that expands upon the details of the main character, or at least, one possible main character, as the game gives the option of choice. It is about Messener, an elven Combat Mage, who is the character that I played through the game with, from beginning to finish. I know the game has been out a while now, and perhaps I missed the boat on the fan fiction, but better late than never. This game probably wasn't popular enough to deserve a hearty fan fiction, but here it is anyway.

I started writing the fan fic upon my laptop, after having a few great ideas for extrapolation of the story, mainly what drives the main character, his feelings about the different people he encounters, and so forth. I decided to post it in live journal format, after reading the FFVII fan fiction meetmeinmidgar. I loved the way it was written, with one chapter per post, each starting with an introductory paragraph and hiding the rest of the story behind an lj-cut. In fact, I loved the layout so much that I copied it a little bit for my own story. I hope the moderator doesn't mind.

This is my story. Messener has been a mage character close to my heart for many years now. He has encompassed many worlds, including those of Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Lineage II, World of Warcraft, and finally Dungeon Siege II -- his first non-MMORPG adventure. However, I am willing to take in ideas from others, include stories from others, and perhaps others would even write interactions for characters with Messener, from the other's point of view. Feel free to leave comments, or even email me at